Maps From Scratch

Maps From Scratch was a 2009 E-Tech Tutorial and Where 2.0 Tutorial by Stamen.s Michal Migurski and Shawn Allen. collected some of our notes and relevant links here where they might be useful to people who didn.t attend the tutorial but would like a bit of hand-holding in generating your own maps from geo data.

The Tutorial

During our tutorial, we used Amazon EC2 to provide all attendees with a pre-configured Debian Linux server featuring installed geographic software packages like GDAL, PostGIS, Mapnik, TileCache and others.

The AMI we used is now freely available to anyone, along with subsequent revisions incorporating new data and new code: also posted our presenter notes, which describe the process used to set up the initial AMI after beginning with an otherwise-clean Debian Lenny base system.

Mapping Products

In our building tutorial we explored many of the developmental tools at the disposal of programmers when creating mapping solutions.

Case Study

One innovative way in which online mapping data can be deployed is in the form of the VFS. Many other businesses are actively utilizing these solutions to boost performance. 'Fleet tracking' works by enabling anyone with an internet enabled device to view the location and monitor the behavior of company vehicles. This gives managers greater flexibility and trust in workers provided with company transport.

The Future

We plan to add links to relevant software libraries and tutorials here as we encounter them. Mail us if there.s something specific you.d like to see.